Our Proven System to Heal Eczema without Steroids or Harmful Medications🙌🏻


Yes, this is the same holistic system I have used in my office to treat thousands of eczema patients.

Dear Moms and Dads,

My name is Dr. Ana-Maria Temple and I want to help you relieve the itching, burning, redness, and pain associated with eczema utilizing a holistic system I have developed in over 20 years of medical practice.

I was so tired of seeing patients in my practice who had battled eczema for years and had more damage from steroids, antibiotics, and immune suppressing drugs than from their eczema. Doctor after doctor had only treated their symptoms rather than addressing the root cause of their eczema. And Americans were spending an average of $4000 per year on these treatments!

Topical Steroid Withdrawal

I WAS FAILING at keeping my own children healthy

Not only did I feel inadequate as a doctor but as a mom too.

You may be wondering a little about how I came to be here with you today.
Let me tell you a quick story about my struggles with my own children's eczema.
At the time I was trying to build a busy pediatric practice in a traditional medicine model, maintain a household, be a good wife, and most importantly raise healthy children.

I was giving 2 of my kids more and more medication to treat their red and itchy skin but it seemed to be getting worse. They would sit outside crying and scratching their arms from the eczema.
And I was getting more and more frustrated and feeling helpless as a mother; I was a doctor and I couldn't keep my own children healthy. 

Then the bottom fell out from under me when I finally took my daughter to my pediatric colleague who told me "the only thing left is to start injections". I was horrified at the thought. Something needed to change.
Which meant I couldn't give my children and family the health they needed to thrive in school and socially.

As you can imagine, I was in bad shape and desperate, but I wasn't ready to give up on my dream of healing my children without harmful medications.
Then I attended a presentation at my daughter's preschool that only discussed one key topic - sugar.
At that point, everything changed!
I discovered / finally figured out how to:
• Use food to heal most common illnesses
• Heal my children's gut which then allowed their skin to heal.
• Incorporate holistic and integrative medicine to find the cause of my children's illness rather than just treat the symptoms.

Because I made a decision to stop the harmful medications and find the root cause of my family's illness I was able to:
• Watch my children laugh and play outside without stopping to itch and cry
• Able to improve my entire family's health by changing our diet and lifestyle
• Leave traditional medicine and start a holistic practice which incorporates the best parts of traditional medicine with the best parts of an integrative practice.

Now I'm living my dream of healing my children without harmful medications and I never have to worry about feeling helpless ever again.

And that's why I'm so passionate about my "Eczema Transformation Course" so you can experience healing your children without harmful medications too!

My Eczema Solution

How You Can Heal Eczema By Addressing The Root Cause

If you read my blog, where I have written extensively on the causes and treatment of eczema, you will see that eczema is a problem that occurs from the inside out. Too many people just accept Eczema as a chronic condition they are stuck with genetically, without ever understanding there is a correctable cause. Although we see eczema on our skin, the underlying problem is in our gut. 


In my experience and in my extensive research into the causes of Eczema, I discovered the source of most Eczema is the gut.  That's right, what we consume and how those foods and beverages interact within our gut can wreak havoc on our system, causing various inflammatory conditions, including Eczema.  

I also found that a history of antibiotic use and reflux medications actually increases the risk of eczema by damaging the normal bacteria in our gut. By removing the problematic foods and beverages and restoring the normal gut bacteria (microbiome) you begin healing your gut, and in doing so you will find reliable relief and ultimately healing. 


When I discovered the formula to correct dietary triggers and restore happy bacteria in your child’s gut, I decided to create a course that walks you through the process, scientifically and methodically, helping you strategically identify the root cause so you can design your life properly to eliminate this frustrating condition.  Yes, you can attempt this on your own, but it will take Months or even Years of trial and error.  

Instead, I created a comprehensive course that walks you through every stage of the process. Just a few are listed below:

  •  Guided root cause analysis  - We help you determine the origins of your eczema so you can address the real problem
  • Action Plan to heal the gut - Extensive video training complete with schedules, precise food plans with charts and recipes. A clear path forward to heal your gut so that your skin can recover.
  •  Itching Relief Measures - We help you manage the symptoms with holistic  (non-steroid) topical treatments
  • ​Twice a Week Facebook Lives - Meet with Dr Temple and our health coach weekly to problem solve and address specific concerns - we want to see you improve!
  • ​Extensive Guide to Supplements - Do's and don'ts of supplements for eczema so you don't waste any more money on ineffective meds

Dr Temple Has Been Treating Kids for 20 years

  • She has treated over 1000 eczema patients (including her own children), crafting her system combining the best of holistic and traditional medicine
  • Over 100 appearances on local and national news discussing children's health
  • ​Best Selling Author on children's health
  •  Actively treats patients in her private holistic pediatric practice in Charlotte, NC
Here’s What People Are Saying:

I wanted to let everyone know how helpful and really a lifesaver this program has been for me and my son. Isaac is 20 months now and is doing so much better than when we started some months ago. We still have challenges but I so appreciate this Dr Temple and Lindsay because I know I have a place to go and I do not feel so alone. Parenting a child with eczema is heart wrenching and I thank Dr. Temple and Lindsay from the bottom of my heart not only for their sound, and practical advice, but for offering what we need most, hope and patience. I'm so grateful that Dr. Temple is whip smart and yet she is open and listens, so very different than other doctors that offered horrible advice and made me feel like my instincts do not matter. Eczema transformation is a better way, so much better.

This eczema course has truly changed our lives and has taught us so much. Both of our children suffered from eczema, other random skin rashes, and digestive problems. When they were infants, I was told that they would likely outgrow it with age, but I still felt that something wasn't right. After we decided to try strictly eliminating gluten and dairy, we saw great improvement but still continued to have issues as time went on. This course then filled in the missing pieces for us. Our children's skin has completely cleared up and their digestion has normalized. We have also come to realize that issues with poor sleep and irritability were also related. Overall mood has greatly improved and they are both sleeping like champs. We have also been able to successfully introduce healthier foods, which they now really enjoy eating! 

As a dad, I was very skeptical about spending money and not knowing if this would work. Obviously every kid is different, so I was definitely worried about if it would benefit my daughter (especially if there was a lot of trial and error with certain supplements, and the cost started climbing). To me, all I saw was dollar signs adding up. But I have to say now - it’s absolutely worth it. Seeing my daughter go from being practically covered in red and itchy patches (that sometimes resulted in bleeding), to clear skin, is beyond worth any amount of money. Furthermore, what we’ve ended up spending (for groceries, supplements, etc), has been a lot less than what I projected.
My daughter isn’t constantly in discomfort any more. She isn’t scratching, or covered in bandages to keep her from scratching. It’s honestly amazing to see. For one skeptic to another (or anyone considering signing up for this course) - it's 100% worth it. I've also been impressed with how engaged Dr. Temple, and Lindsay, the health coach, have continued to be. 
We have adults in the course as well - read the comment below from our member who is nearly 50



Part 1
  • Dive into the origins of your eczema. We help you identify the cause of your child's eczema and understand the risk factors leading to their skin problem
  • Understand the skin gut connection and what makes the gut unwell
  • ​Understand which foods and environmental toxins contribute to eczema
  • ​Weekly support to address problem areas
Part 2
  •  Learn to take action to heal the gut
  •  Make dietary changes key to healing the gut with food guidelines, meal prep planning, recipes, and snack ideas
  • Modules for mothers breastfeeding, babies, and formulas
  •  Plans to deal with picky eaters and special situations
  • ​How to get dad involved in the plan
  • ​Weekly support to address problem areas
Part 3
  •  Symptom relief measures - how to manage the burning and itching while you heal the gut
  • A guide to topicals - avoid steroids and learn what natural topical options are best
  • Extensive supplement guide so you know which supplements are best suited to eczema
  • ​The role of stress and anxiety in eczema - measures to calm the emotional aspect of eczema
  • ​Weekly support to address problem areas
Part 4
  •  Roadmap to food reintroduction
  • How to implement a maintenance program once eczema has improved
  •  Management if recurrent flare-ups occur
  • ​The modules include video education, handy lists and reference guides, and downloadable PDFs 
  • ​Weekly support to address problem areas

The Value of Your Eczema Transformation

The impact this program will have on your skin and overall health is priceless. Investing in your healing journey is one of the most valuable things you can do. What you will get out of the course will be directly tied to what you put into it.

What You Get

One Time Payment
  • -VIP access to weekly Facebook Lives, Personalized Troubleshooting
  • -Over 97 Lessons and Video Guides
  • -Detailed schedules, food plans
  • -Recipes, snack guides
  • -Infant and formula guides
  • -Supplement Guides
  • -Eczema Stress and Anxiety Management
  • -Food reintroduction guide
  • -And much more
  • -Use your HSA Card
  • -Weekly access to Dr Temple to ask questions
  • -6 months of unlimited course access, for less than $27 per week!

Amazing Bonuses for Members

I have selected these awesome bonuses from other health and skin experts to help you succeed. Enjoy these bonuses free when you enroll in the program and expect more in the future.

Dr Mom's Remedies

Dr Elana Roumell's Guide to Empower Yourself With Doctor Mom's Tried and True Favorite 5 Home Remedies

Sugarproof Book Excerpt

Understand how sugar is affecting your growing child with this full chapter from the groundbreaking book by Professor Michael Goran. Chapter 4 Smarter without Sugar: Sugar’s Effects on Learning, Memory, and the Growing Brain

Healthy Kids Happy Moms Mini-Cleanse

Renowned holistic pediatrician Dr Sheila Kilbane takes kids through a mini-cleanse process to promote better health.

Sharp Knife Skills

Get kids involved in the kitchen with this sharp knife skills education from Katie Kimball at Kitchen Stewardship.
We don't want you to miss this opportunity to heal your child's skin
Families, I truly hope you decide to take this journey with me. As I experienced with my own children, it is incredibly fulfilling to watch your children heal without harmful medications. I have given you the roadmap in this course to heal their guts, manage their symptoms, learn to use food as medicine, and give them lasting relief. 
P.S: We limit the number of members so that we can support you along the way - so don't miss your chance to start your child's transformation now. Join our course and holistic eczema healing community to end your child's miserable itching and burning. Stop wasting money on topical ointments which only mask the problem. Our extensive course has treated over 400 families and we continue to make improvements to the content. I look forward to seeing you soon.
*A note on refunds - The eczema transformation program is a commitment to your family's health and wellness. We also make a commitment to you by offering our care, support and expertise. Dr Temple commits a large proportion of her time to helping families in our eczema program, and thus we do not offer refunds.
In Good Health,
Dr. Ana-Maria Temple and the IHC Team

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